Returning to Azeroth

I did not care too much about MoP, until I started watching streams. Hell, I haven’t even played the beta, but that has more to do with the fact that the beta client has been nothing but trouble for me.

Now, I want to level my priest and raid again. I even gave thought to joining a raiding guild, but decided that now is not the right time. This is going to be the first time since I leveled my very first character in 2006 that I will actually be taking my time. I will be taking all of MoP in and force myself to not rush. Once I reach cap and slowly grind out the dungeons, I will raid at my own pace using the Raid Finder utility.

I remember leveling my first character, a Night Elf Druid. I would spend hours just messing around in Stormwind with guildies and talking to people. My guild was very casual and did a lot of those cheesy guild events like naked races and contests to win some minor amount of gold. It was fun, though. And while my main is in a guild by her-my old raiding guild that has fallen apart (because I’ve grown to dislike the casual guilds for some reason), I can still have fun exploring and meeting people along the way.

I’m looking forward to the game again. Much less than any expansion prior, but it will still be fun.


As an aside, I have a tiny bucket list of what I would like to do before the expansion releases:

  • Raid Firelands normal (the only raid I haven’t done in the entire game)
  • Level cap my rogue
  • Farm more rare mounts (edited to add this on 8/3/12)
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Escaping Reality vs. Living Reality

For the longest time I struggled with this fight. During most of my time while playing WoW I never wanted to live my life. I wanted to solely live my game life saving the world one daily quest at a time. Once the game started to bore me, I was forcing myself to live in my false world, but the real world was breaking through. I was beginning to regain a social life and I was starting to think about my real future.

I was scared.

Six years of playing that damn MMO had completely consumed me. I had forgotten what people actually do in their free time. I was frantic trying to relearn all of it. Instead of searching for cat videos on YouTube, I started to play other games, read, and go out with friends more often. It may sound like nothing, but it was damn hard at first. Playing WoW was all I had known for so many years.

That’s not to say I did not see any of my friends during those six years; I certainly did, but that was once a week or maybe even every other week. Hell, my now husband and I never sat at the dinner table and our conversations were rarely about anything other than WoW.

Now, I can say that I am comfortable living in the real world. After too many socially awkward moments, which I still have, I can safely say that I have my friends back 100 percent.

Looking back, I missed out on a lot. I could be a lot more now if I didn’t allow it to consume me.

Don’t let this happen to you. Take all games in moderation.

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The Gaming Lull

Every so often, it strikes. Without warning, without cause, it strikes. The gaming lull. I just do not want to touch any of the games I own. I am bored of Diablo, WoW has effectively lost its almost a year ago, I do not want to pick up any of my console games, I am lost.

What should I do about this?

My first thought was to “get a life,” but I have one. I have a very active social life, in fact.

I see this lull as almost a plateau. What must I do to overcome the plateau? I am thinking I need more excitement in my gaming life. A new genre I have never tried, maybe. Or perhaps a new MMO.

I recently rejoined the crew at Vivid Gamer. That should definitely give me some inspiration and expose me to new, interesting games. I have a passion for gaming, especially computer gaming. I hate to be in this kind of funk.

Give me some suggestions. What is a game that you are playing right now that you are having a lot of fun with? Anything on the Steam Summer Sale worth checking out?

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