Escaping Reality vs. Living Reality

For the longest time I struggled with this fight. During most of my time while playing WoW I never wanted to live my life. I wanted to solely live my game life saving the world one daily quest at a time. Once the game started to bore me, I was forcing myself to live in my false world, but the real world was breaking through. I was beginning to regain a social life and I was starting to think about my real future.

I was scared.

Six years of playing that damn MMO had completely consumed me. I had forgotten what people actually do in their free time. I was frantic trying to relearn all of it. Instead of searching for cat videos on YouTube, I started to play other games, read, and go out with friends more often. It may sound like nothing, but it was damn hard at first. Playing WoW was all I had known for so many years.

That’s not to say I did not see any of my friends during those six years; I certainly did, but that was once a week or maybe even every other week. Hell, my now husband and I never sat at the dinner table and our conversations were rarely about anything other than WoW.

Now, I can say that I am comfortable living in the real world. After too many socially awkward moments, which I still have, I can safely say that I have my friends back 100 percent.

Looking back, I missed out on a lot. I could be a lot more now if I didn’t allow it to consume me.

Don’t let this happen to you. Take all games in moderation.


About Michelle

Currently, I’m working a 9-5 in a pathology lab where I’m practically the office manager. I say practically because the company I work for is very weird with their titles, but that’s another story for another day. The rest of my time is spent on blogging, social networks, going to the gym, reading, watching Star Trek, and playing games. I might go outside and socialize every now and again, too. I’m myself no matter what; I never put on a mask. This is something that I’m proud of, but it is also one of my greatest weaknesses.
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